separates a component from a combined Click configuration


click-uncombine [param=value ...] [options] [router-file [component]]


The click-uncombine tool reads a combined router configuration created by click-combine(1) and outputs one of its components. The chosen component is specified by its name, as originally specified to click-combine(1).


If any filename argument is a single dash "-", click-uncombine will use the standard input or output instead, as appropriate. You can give one or two non-option arguments; the first is the router file and the second, the component name.

-f file
--file file
Read the combined router configuration from file. The default is the standard input.

-n name
--name name
Output the router component named name.

-o file
--output file
Write the output router configuration to file. The default is the standard output.

Print usage information and exit.

Print the version number and some quickie warranty information and exit.


click-combine(1), click(5)


Eddie Kohler, [email protected]